Our Approach

Our approach to serving our clients is to provide accounting & tax services tailored to your needs; all while keeping things as simple as possible. It is our goal to unravel the Complexities of today’s Accounting Software and IRS Tax Code and deliver to our clients a neat package of services that are useful, understandable, tax favorable and financially beneficial.

In this effort, here are some general guidelines we try to follow in serving our clients.

  1. Be Ethical. We will use all legitimate opportunities in the tax law to minimize your taxes. By taking reasonable positions that conform to the tax code, both client and preparer sleep well at night. We will not take overly “Aggressive” positions to get you a big tax refund.  If you’re interested in that type of tax service, we’re not your firm.


  2. Speak Your Language. Even if you are very well informed and tax savvy, we will initially assume that tax talk is a foreign language to you, especially if you are a new client. This way, we are more likely to communicate with you in terms you understand.  Example,

    Tax Speak - “John, do you want to take a 179 Election on the Code Section 1245 property you put into service this year?” 

    Our Speak – “John, we see you paid cash this year for a Skidder used in your logging business. You have the choice of deducting 100% of this purchase on your tax return this year or deducting a portion of it each year over the next 5 years. Since you had such a good year, would you like to deduct the full cost of this equipment on your tax return this year? It will reduce your taxes by XXXX dollars. By the way John, deducting it all this year is called a 179 Election and deducting it over 5 years is called depreciation.”


  3. Be Available and Accommodating. If you are a year-end tax client, we want you to stay in touch with us throughout the year, especially before you make any major decisions that may substantially affect your tax position; like prematurely cashing in a retirement plan or flipping a real estate property that might be better held onto for at least 12 months. If you are a business client, we know your schedule can be very challenging. For this reason we try to be flexible where and when we meet with you. This is why we often meet with clients evenings and weekends when requested. Also, no tuxedos required in our office. You’ll often find us in jeans and t-shirts. But don’t worry; we clean up very well for meetings with bankers and IRS agents.


  4. Don’t Be a Know It All.  The Tax Code is Several Thousand Pages Long and Ever Changing. In addition, the Business Software market is coming out with new applications or the latest/greatest upgrades every time you turn around. Our office participates in on going Continuing Professional Education Courses and Credentialing. We are constantly sharpening our software, accounting & tax knowledge. Regardless, no one professional has all of the answers all the time. If you stump us, we’ll tell you so. Please know, we will either get the appropriate answer for you or refer you to someone that can.