Tax Preparation for Business, Non-Profits, Estates & Trusts

Our office prepares tax returns for businesses and other tax entities.  A properly prepared tax return combined with tax planning can make sure you are getting the most out of your overall tax situation.

We Prepare Tax Returns for:

  • Sole Proprietors and single member LLCs "Self Employed"  (Schedule C)
  • Rental Activities (Schedule E)
  • Farmers (Schedule F)
  • Partnerships and multi-member LLCs (Form 1065 and K-1s)
  • S Corporations and LLCs electing S Corp taxation (Form 1120S and K-1s)  
  • C Corporations and LLCs electing C Corp taxation (Form 1120)
  • Non-Profits (Form 990)
  • Estates (Form 706)
  • Gifts (Form 709)
  • Fiduciary for Trusts / Estates (From 1041 and K-1s)
  • and other specialty returns